First Aid Kit Van Restocking Service

At ‘The Provision First Aid Line’ we have exciting opportunities for distributors via our first aid kit van restocking service.
The first aid supply business is a multi-billion dollar annual business and impacts every single business in the USA with one or more employees. OSHA has mandatory regulations for employee safety in the workplace and every business in the USA must be in compliance, or risk potentially catastrophic financial penalties and/or employee civil claims.

But what exactly is our ‘first aid kit van restocking service’, what type of person would it suit and what is the real potential of this business opportunity?

First Aid Kit Van Restocking Services Explained

‘The Provision First Aid Line’ (legal name Provision Medical Products, Inc.) is a first aid supply company located in Palm Desert California. We operate nationwide through a large network of independent first aid supply distributors.

first aid kits and supplies van restocking services nationwideA ‘The Provision First Aid Line’ distributor enjoys independent legal status, he or she is not an employee of our company and is free to operate their business on their own terms. We provide our independent distributors with operational territory, which when certain obligations are met, becomes exclusive to that distributor.
We provide our distributors with access to a comprehensive range of first aid kits and supplies, along with all of the support and resources needed to run your business. We can even supply you directly with leads to businesses and contacts in your area.
Furthermore, we never encroach on your territory by offering direct-to-consumer sales, as most of our competitors do.

The benefit of operation a van restocking service is that the majority of your inventory is maintained within the vehicle itself, so you don’t have to maintain a costly warehouse or other storage facility. We provide a super-fast re-supply service, simply call-in your order when you need your supplies replenished and we’ll get the order out to you quickly.

Since you are independent and not an employee, you get to decide which companies you do business with. If you’re more comfortable dealing with smaller enterprises, then so be it. If you have a background in heavy industry, perhaps having worked in the maintenance department at a larger corporation, then you may feel more comfortable providing your services in that particular environment.first aid kit van restocking services

At the end of the day, you make your own choices and we ensure that you have everything you need to operate your first aid supply business as you see fit. Our team of professional staff are always on-hand to take your calls, provide you with support and access to information, and of course receive your orders and process them quickly and efficiently.

As a local area independent distributor you can rest assured that you are an important part of an organization committed to helping businesses large and small maintain a safe and healthy working environment for its employees.

Through our network of professionally trained distributors, each equipped with fully stocked vans and all of the resources and information at hand, we have provided first aid equipment and safety related products to thousands of business across the nation, improving employee health and welfare and saving business owners considerable time and money.

We offer all of the following –

First Aid Kits and Cabinets – fully stocked and re-supplied
Safety Products – emergency products
Van Delivered Restocking of First Aid Supplies
No Contracts – No Scheduled delivery unless you ask!
OSHA Compliance / ANSI safety products.

Provision First AidThe key to customer satisfaction is delivering a product which is certified, trusted, reliable and tough enough to withstand the rigors of the workplace – and all of this at a competitive price!

As a Provision First Aid distributor, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of product you’re placing at your clients’ facility. And you’ll never have to worry about being undercut on price – our pricing is typically as much as 35% lower than similar competitor products.

It’s also important to be fully conversant with all aspects of the products you are representing and be able to offer support documentation to clients, when asked. At Provision First Aid, we maintain a library of information for all our products along with MSDS and other technical support resources, to help you operate your van-delivered first aid restocking business successfully and efficiently.

For more information on becoming a distributor for first aid products, contact us today. Call our office to speak directly with an agent or submit the form on this page to request a follow-up.