Distributor Opportunities in the First Aid Industry

The First Aid industry is a highly lucrative market sector with distributor and dealership opportunities Nationwide. But what exactly does this opportunity entail?


A Basic Overview of Typical Forms of Distributor Opportunities in the First Aid Supplies Industry

first aid kitsIt is a legal requirement here in the USA for businesses to provide ready access to first aid kits and safety supplies, thus creating distributor opportunities in the first aid industry. Every workplace needs to be kitted with the basic necessities so that in the event of a workplace accident or safety related incident, prompt on-site first aid can be administered.
The requirements for first aid kits and supplies varies State to State and varies based on the size of the corporation (number of employees) and the type of industry involved.

In many cases, corporations will have personnel on staff who are trained and qualified in maintaining their businesses legal status with respect to employee safety. They will be well versed in all aspects of administering first aid in the event of an accident, will know exactly what is required from the perspective of maintaining an inventory of supplies, and will have designated people on staff who are qualified to administer first aid should an accident happen.

As a ‘The Provision First Aid Line’ Distributor, you are free to run your business as you see fit, but generally it may involve making contact with the Plant Safety Manager or safety representative and working closely with that person in determining the needs of the facility with respect to first aid related products and supplies. You will then work closely with your factory representative in ensuring that the minimum required stock of safety supplies is maintained on hand at the facility.
As a ‘The Provision First Aid Line’ Distributor, you will have access to a catalog of resources including supplies, pricing & availability, ANSI specifications and requirements and MSDS information.

Your role will be to work alongside factory representatives, taking the lead from them but inputting your own knowledge and experience, and ensuring that the facility is fully compliant with code when it comes to employee access to first aid supplies. You do not carry the burden of legal responsibility, you are there in a support capacity to factory management, as any equipment vendor would be.


First Aid and Safety Supplies to Factories and Larger Corporations

The scope of your service and involvement is clearly dependent upon the size and scale of the company you are supplying. Larger corporations will likely come to you knowing exactly what is needed and exactly what items they need to purchase and hold in inventory.
As a first aid industry distributor, you will have opportunities to form working relationships with plant Safety Management and many of these relationships can span decades. Working out schedules, determining inventory requirements, providing access for first aid kit restocking etc, is an involved process, once you establish trust with plant management you will essentially become part of the team and your services will be utilized on a continual basis.


First Aid Supplies to Smaller Businesses and Commercial Operations

With smaller companies, as a first aid distributor you may find yourself taking more of a lead role in determining their safety and first aid equipment needs.

With our distributor opportunities in the first aid industry, we work hard to support our independent distributors to ensure that you have access to all of the materials needed to help your clients stay within legal requirements and have access to the requisite first aid supplies.
Browsing our website catalog you will see that we offer fully stocked first aid kits, eye wash stations, sanitary stations, adhesive bandages and basically a full catalog of everything needed to supply companies large and small.


Van Delivered First Aid Supplies

At the forefront of our business is our van delivered first aid supply and kit restocking service. As a ‘The Provision First Aid Line’ Distributor, distributor opportunities in the first aid industrywe will help you put together a fully stocked vehicle, with all the supplies on-hand needed to service your clients. You won’t need to have warehouse space for additional inventory and the large overhead associated with maintaining such facilities. Everything you need to provide your first aid supply restocking service is contained within your vehicle, and with our rapid turnaround on orders, you’ll never have to worry about running out of stock. We’ll also keep you abreast of all the latest in OSHA / ANSI regulations, products and technology. We provide you and your customers with access to lifesaving equipment such as AEDs and all of the necessary product information and training to ensure compliance.

Support to Factory Management – Clearly, as a distributor in the first aid industry you have the opportunity to pick and choose your clients and customers. If your area of expertise is planning safety and first aid protocols in smaller office/commercial environment, then there’s no reason for you to go after larger industrial clients, if you prefer not to.

Conversely, if you have experience with safety and first aid protocols in larger industry, then you could find yourself ideally suited to acquiring and nurturing clients in this sector, and may prefer to avoid the smaller commercial operations. The choice is entirely yours to make.

As you can see there are endless possibilities working as a distributor in the first aid industry. Given the importance of these services and the legal obligations placed on employers to provide mandatory first aid equipment and safety facilities to the workforce, you will find that once you form a relationship with a customer it will likely continue for many years.

This is not a fickle industry which changes with the wind, it is a solid repeatable business which will always be a necessity and always provide opportunities for people willing to put in the effort.

Representing The Provision First Aid Line of products, you will operate your own business, fully independent from Provision. You will be your own boss, free to make all of the important decisions about your business and its future direction.

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